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Many of the property owners nowadays whom still practice conventional approach are gradually facing difficult situations such as decreasing unit rent rate, going through hassles in managing the property, or to obtain a higher rental return. To encounter this, Luxury Suites Asia could provide you a better insight on how to invest and manage your property wisely.

Find out what are the benefits of having us on board:

Professionalism – with a team of experienced and accredited professionals, managers/consultants who comprehensive understanding on managing owner’s needs, the use of technology, having extensive measures of accountability and using proven systems to provide the highest level of service had become the company’s philosophy.

High Return: Partner with Luxury Suites Asia may enjoy extra 20% – 30% revenue in comparison with conventional rental.

Guest Screening: A thorough screening and selecting potential tenant/guest that fits your home requirement, shielding yourself from rental scams directed at owners, and discrimination lawsuits resulting from an inconsistent screening process.

Listing Assistance: Luxury Suites Asia will assist the owner in optimizing the lodging listing in order to gain the utmost investment return in short time of period.

Fewer times consuming on rent collection process: Partner with Luxury Suites Asia may ease and hassle-free on rent collecting if compare to conventional leasing.

Monthly Reports: Luxury Suites Asia will provide monthly reporting to the owner to review lodging listing feedback, occupancy, guest information, listing revenue and etc.

Personal benefits for owners: Less stress, more freedom, and cost/time effective.

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